The simple yet useful tips for your outdoor AC placement

Choose a place to install outdoor units that are easy to reach, safe and easy during installation (installation). Apart from that, we’d like you to go to whenever you need a reliable air conditioner repair service near your area, especially if you’ve got a severe problem with your AC unit.

The AC pipe connected between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit should not have more than 3 bends, as it can block the refrigerant flow so that the AC performance is not optimal.

In the installation of outdoor units, note the distance of all sides for air circulation more smoothly. The recommended distance is; a. between the air out of the outdoor unit (front view) = min. 200 cm; b. right side left a unit outdoor = min. 30-50 cm; c. distance (if blocked something) = min. 30 cm.

Use a standard pipe with a minimum pipe length of 5 meters and a thickness of 0.5 mm pipe for maximum AC performance.

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